Virginie Efira shines in Venice with Rebecca Slodowski's "The Children of Others"

French cinema shines in Venice during this 79th edition of Mostra. After Athena by Romain Gavras and in parallel sections “The Origin of Evil” by Sébastien Marnier and “La Syndicaliste” by Jean-Paul Salomé; Among others, “The Children of Others,” which premiered at the competition this Sunday. From Rebecca Slodowski (“An Easy Girl”), the new film, “The Children of Others,” follows forty-year-old Rachel, who falls in love with Ali and bonds with her 4-year-old daughter, Lila. Rachel is a Belgian actress Virginia Ephra, Who answers to Roschdy Zem.

The latter said during a press conference that he was honored to be chosen for the film. “When Rebecca gives me the film, I feel like a special guest in this story, this story,” explained the actor. “He is a character who confronts modernity without symbols yet. He experiences feelings but still doesn’t know how to develop them or manage them within his couple,” she added. As for Virginie Ephira, she quoted Gustave Flaubert as a way of understanding her character: “Anything that has been looked at long enough becomes interesting,” he said.

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“The Children of Others” opens in French theaters on September 21.

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