Viral Dictok: The young man "follows Jose" and promises that he will sing better than "El Principe".  Tick ​​Tock Songs |  Viral Videos |  Answers

Jose Jose has been one of the world’s most recognized artists, and the singer’s tradition continues even more than two years after his death, with even the youngest recognizing him and becoming fans of the great music career he has achieved. Mark “The Prince”. The On .

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Who is the youngest follower of Jose Jose?

This is the case of Esdras Baglietto, a young man who caused a stir through For his excellent singing ability, some Netizens have even compared the beauty of his voice . The boy has shared some videos of him singing hits like “Leave Me Now”, “Ship of Oblivion” or “Volcano” and thousands of users have mentioned that he has a voice like ‘The Prince’.

Estras has a different voice, whether on the cards he sings with other artists or even on his own songs, the resemblance of Jose’s voice is incredible. Thanks to his talent, he already has over 150,000 likes on the social network, and practically all of his videos are packed with ideas that recognize the beauty of his voice, especially in the singer’s songs.

Through songs like “Don’t Say You’re Going”, “La Nave del Oblivito” or “Dus Ojos”, the young man has shown his immense ability to strike the same references as Jose in some of his songs. Most appreciated songs. Although there are differences depending on the original version, there is no doubt that the young man is capable of expressing himself in every interpretation.

However, the potency of estrus is not limited to Jose Jose. In the videos on his TikTok account we can see the songs of the acclaimed artists , , And , Shows that the tradition of these great singers continues into the younger generation.

Jose Jose Awards and Recognition

The Mexican artist has won numerous gold and platinum achievements; In 1970, he won 10 platinum for the ship of oblivion and 6 gold for the same musical work during his golden age. From there until 1989 he received about 30 platinum records and 40 gold records. Our 2018 Paid homage to this famous musician. David Bispal sang some of his most popular songs and wish him a speedy recovery.

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