Vinyl surpassed CD for the first time in 35 years

Did vinyl records outsell compact discs in the US last time? That was in 1987.

According to a report by the Recording Industry Association of America, 41 million LPs will be sold in the U.S. in 2022, compared to 33 million CDs, a 3% increase and 28% decrease in sales of the older of the two formats. % to his younger brother. The announcement of CD’s revival, announced after its sales rose only 1% last year, was obviously a bit rushed.

Taylor Swift tops vinyl bestseller chart with 945,000 copies of her album midnightsIt was followed by Harry Styles (480,000 copies Harry’s house), Olivia Rodrigo (263,000 copies Sour), Kendrick Lamar (254,000 copies Good boy, Mr. AA T City) and newcomers from Fleetwood Mac (243,000 copies Rumors)

Has the record industry been saved from its shipwreck? Not exactly. By 2022, streaming services, digital radio, social media platforms and fitness apps will account for 84% ($13.3 billion) of total recorded music revenue.

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