[VIDÉO] “Sucré Salé”: Alexandre Barrett talks about his exes Catherine Brunet and Mariana Mazza

Alexandre Barrett invites two of his ex-girlfriends to his new podcast Don’t forget your toothbrushIt’s passionate in a heartbeat.

Catherine Brunet, with whom he has been in a relationship for three years, was also a guest on the first episode available on YouTube. Alexandre has not yet hidden “his greatest heartache.”

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The two former lovebirds hadn’t spoken in 10 years, but she accepted his invitation, having recently split from actor Antoine Pilon. Let’s remember that the latter is the star of the great series Separate company Immediately at the club.

Later we will be entitled to the visit of Mariana Massa Don’t forget your toothbrush, Alexandre shared life with him for six years. Everyone in the community knew about this, but the couple jealously guarded the secret, because, in particular, Mariana talked about her difficulties with guys on her shows, and Alexandre dared to deny love to her during a conversation with Mary. Claude Barrett.

“Of my eight guests to date, of course I got Kate Brunet and Mariana, because they’re two exes, and I thought it was ‘fitting’,” Alexandre said.

But why this theme? Melanie asked. “It’s the only area where you have experience and practice, but it stagnates. Sometimes, I’ll tell you, it’s worse because you accumulate all your wounds, and it not only breaks up, but also brings out some of the dissatisfaction you have with yourself. It’s very rich, universal. I find that to be the case, and heart palpitations are very difficult for me.

“Mariana, I also fell in love, but it ended gradually. It was less abrupt. Mariana was high; We drive, good road, but find we’re running out of gas. Light, you have 30, 20, 18, 16 left… I think it’s over. Kate Brunet, I was driving in the fog, a curvy road, and there was a rock,” said Alexandre, to which Melanie Maynard replied “That’s Antoine Pilon!”

Melanie Maynard with her guest Alexandre Barrett.

Photo provided by TVA

Alexandre flashed his beautiful smile and smiled: “I wouldn’t have gone there, but it makes me laugh out loud,” he replied.

Alexandre made the most of his time Sweet salt Let’s talk about “the worst heartbreak of her life,” to invite Melanie Maynard on the podcast.

Melanie Maynard in her Grand bien-cuit ComédiHa! On August 23, at the Grand Théâtre de Quebec, an evening… Alexandre Barrett. Everything is in everything.

Chapters of Sweet salt Available at TVA+Otherwise the show airs Monday through Friday at 6:30 PM on TVA.

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