Video |  Michael J.  Fox performs on stage with Coldplay

Actor Michael J. Foxx spent Saturday night performing with Coldplay at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom.

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In a wheelchair, guitar on knee, the Parkinson’s disease actor accompanied the group during “Fix You.”

During the show, Coldplay singer Chris Martin admitted to the crowd that the band was founded as part of the film. Back to the future (Back to the future) in which Michael J. Fox plays the lead role.

“The main reason we formed a band was because of what we saw Back to the future. So thank you to our lifelong hero and one of the most extraordinary people on earth,” said Chris Martin.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Michael J. Fox called the moment “heartbreaking” (Mind blowing)

Watch singer Marty McFly’s full performance with Coldplay in the video below.

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