[VIDÉO] Kim Levesque-Lissot never fantasized about Eric Bruno before she met him.

Before meeting Eric Bruno, Kim Levesque-Lissot had never imagined the handsome actor and writer.

The couple, who have been together since September 2013, live in the suburbs with their little Marguerite, who is now six.

In November 2022, she played one of the main roles in Xavier Dolan’s “The night Laurier Gaudreult Wake up” series.


pass through Sweet saltOn Wednesday, the writer and comedian played I never have With Melanie Maynard. Once she had already done what the host suggested in her question, she shouldn’t drink, but she put a mint pill in her mouth. Without chewing it!

We learned that Kim never dreamed of dating Eric Bruno, who she believed was unattainable.

“Well no, zero. A thing like that before meeting him… no no no” she said first thinking.

“I didn’t even go there in my head, I was protecting myself from more accessible fantasies,” he said with a laugh. She ended up with minty tamarind in her mouth, so to speak.

Kim Lévesque-Lissotte marvels at her daughter, Marguerite, who is full of empathy and, like her father, starts her days on the fly.

“She has an empathy disproportionate to her age. Was there a moment where she was like, “Did you apologize there, to the tribe?” She looked at me and said, “I’m going to write them a nice letter.”

Melanie Maynard welcomes Kim Levesque-Lissot to “Sucre Salle” on Wednesday, May 29.

Photo provided by TVA

Me and othersRoom

During the interview, Kim Levesque-Lissot spoke about the play Me and others He wrote for Gilles Richter’s situation comedy, which aired on Radio-Canada from 1966 to 1971, bringing to life the mythological characters Dominique Michel and Denis Filiatrault, respectively.

Actress Isabelle Richer, who holds the rights to her late father’s work, wanted to hand over the project to her. “I listened to lots and lots and lots of episodes,” he said Me and others She has aged well and the history it chose to create is rich in the backdrop of the Quiet Revolution, Expo 67, the opening of Quebec to the world, the Sexual Revolution and the miniskirt.

Adapted from Gilles Richer’s popular situation comedy, the play “Moi et l’Audre” brings back Dodo and Denis, who are now played by Alexa-Jean Dubey and Juliette Gosselin (seated). The rest of the cast is made up of David Corrieve, Joel Barre-Beaulieu, Henri Chase, Sandrin Bisson and Marc St-Martin. Performances begin June 27 at the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne.

Photo courtesy of COMEDIHA!

“I said to myself: I’m going to pay tribute to Quebec, a tribute to these women.” He was inspired by Dodo and Denise DatePeople who go to dances, without husbands or children.

For room purposes Me and others, which will be presented at the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne from June 27, with Juliette Gosselin taking on the role of Dominique and Alexa-Jean Dubay becoming Denis. Led by director Charles Dauphinois, the cast also relies on the talents of Sandrine Bisson (Mrs. Clarke), Henri Chase (M. Laviquière), David Corriveau (Hébert), Joelle Barre-Beaulieu (Johann) and Marc St-Martin (Gustave). .

More information about the area is available Website of the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne.

Chapters of Sweet salt Available at TVA+.

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