Victory exhausted Vive in Ukraine.  Seven missed penalties!

Talant Duishebayev players unexpectedly lost in the first two rounds to Dinamo Bucharest 29:32, and Then, in front of their audience, they defeated one of the candidates for the entire championship – Hungarian Veszprem 32:29.

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Polish tennis strength. Hubert Hurkacz and Iga Świątek are a sensation, and how much do they earn?

Great defense and four missed penalties

In Zaporizhia, the Polish champions started with a really good defense, but they couldn’t take advantage of it to build a little advantage in goals. After a quarter of an hour, they were only leading 5:3, and all because the Kielce handball players did not use as many as four penalty kicks!

Despite a very bad start, the Ukrainians stayed in it GameThanks to that they fought to win the whole match to the end. At the end of the first half, Kielce’s team was ahead by 13:10, but then in a weak state, they lost the ball twice and their opponent threw an empty goal, then they let one of the Moto players score a great goal. The last second, which means an advantage until the end of the first half. Łomża viv It was only one hit (13:14).

Unimaginable series of Łomża Vive Kielce. It has been going on for over 10 years! “kingdom”

Festival winning from ineffectiveness

After changing sides, the two teams fought a very even battle, which was mainly due to the massive ineffectiveness on the part of the guests, who did not take advantage of many situations to get back to their rivals. This also applies to the following unused “sevens”. Fortunately for the Polish champions, he also did well in goal Andreas Wolf, thanks to that Łomża Vive was a little ahead the whole time. Ten minutes before the end of Kielce it was 21:20.

After the third penalty kick that Umta Viv missed in the second half, the hosts took the lead in the 54th minute in the 23:22 minute for the first time since the opening minutes of the match. From seven meters on the side of the guests, almost everyone was wrong – Moretto, Voujovich, Doichibayev, Karasic and Gudjohnson …

Four minutes before the end, Dylan Nahi effectively took the penalty and the score was 24, and one minute later, after Artyom Karalyuk’s goal from the club, Kelsey was leading 25:24 and the opponents had to ask for time. At the last minute, Nicholas Tornat raised calendar At 26:24 and although the opponent responded with a goal after a while, there was no time to equalize.

Łomża Vive Kielce beat Motor Zaporozhye in 26:25 and took the second win of the year. Champions League. The most goals, 4 each, have been scored by Igor Karadzic, Alex Duycepago, Dylan Nahi and Nicholas Tornat for the Polish champions. In the next match, he will face Germany’s Umla Viv Flensburg at home, and this match will be held on October 13.

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