February 4, 2023


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Victoria Charlton goes to TV

Victoria Charlton goes to TV

The Victoria Charlton event will take place on the Vrai stage in early 2022. In “Evaporated: Victoria Charlton Investigates”, a young YouTuber who specializes in “real crime” investigates the disappearance of Quebec, forwarding problems by listing new clues still unresolved today.

Victoria Charlton, 28, says she wants to keep secret the stories proposed by producer Arbania (along with the Quebec content) on the TV show. Director Martin has been developing this concept for two years with Pocket and the production team.

“We wanted to talk about different cases that weren’t overly publicized,” Victoria explains. For example, we often talk in the media about stories like Katrika (Provence). We wanted to reach out to families who did not receive this media coverage. There must be a mysterious aspect as well.

Photo courtesy, milie Hébert

In each of the six 30-minute episodes of “Evaporated: Victoria Charlton Investigates”, the host tries to get to the bottom of things by walking around the grounds, until now she has only been revealing herself through the screens.

During the filming, she went to meet the entourage of missing persons to find new ways to solve crimes. Evidence and archival images will complete his analysis, which will not take the form of a reconstruction, but real inquiries to find a thread of events.

“I was ashamed at first,” she laughed.

In “Evaporated …”, it is a “disappearing white woman syndrome”, a sociological phenomenon, highlighted by the recent death of the now influential KP Petito and other discriminations in the world. Media treatment of criminal cases.

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Victoria recalls, “I think it’s very important. I always talk about it on my channel. For example, men don’t have the same media coverage when they disappear. When white women disappear, we talk more about it in the media. And when it comes to women, we don’t talk about it. We talk about it a lot in the series, not just about known cases. “

It was only a matter of time before Victoria Charlton’s fame brought her to television, the dream she had dreamed of.

He first became a YouTube star with his channel dedicated to crime news, where he has created an enviable collection of 600,000 subscribers in five years, and the literary graduate released his first book, “Open Your Eyes” in 2019.

In January 2020, he won during an autograph session for the same job in France, where a thousand people were waiting for him for the Champs-Elysees dedication. The second volume, “Keep Your Eyes Open,” was released last January. At his core, Charlton Rousseau is a supporter of the Enfonts-Rider organization and a volunteer for the Dow Network (which connects non-profit unresolved disappearances and unidentified dead).

Without any ideas, the young spokesperson will release the first novel, Ed Fall Less Tate, on November 3, co-authored with Alexandre Soplier. This first fiction, a thriller, centered on a young woman, the host of a podcast about “real crime”, leads her own investigation. “The character is not me, but it looks like me,” Victoria jokes.

“Evaporated: Victoria Charlton Investigation” will be available on the actual subscription platform for the winter of 2022.

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