Victor Urban.  Storm after the speech.  Long-time consultant resigns

About the resignation of a long-serving advisor Victor Urbanresponsible for social inclusion, reported on the portal

According to social media journalists on Tuesday morning, I sent a letter to the Prime Minister.

“I am sincerely sorry that I had to break off our relations because of this shameful situation which, though more and more difficult to me since your illiberal role, seemed to be a short-term prospect. It was against all my basic values, I had no choice: even if you did not restrict my complete freedom, now I must part with you publicly because of what was said,” Hegedus wrote.

“I’ve been standing by you regularly when you have been accused of such things, because I was sure of it until now Anti-Semitism It is as far away from you as Mako (a city in Hungary – ed.) from Jerusalem. In any case, I continued to hold this view, despite the decision of the House of Representatives, which then turned into An outright racist discourse in TosphaniusWho would even please Goebbels. You have exceeded the limit of acceptance, ”- she emphasized.

She also stressed that she could not remain indifferent to words UrbanDespite their friendship of more than 20 years.

“The fact that you were able to perform an overtly racist script would never have crossed my mind, even in my nightmares,” she wrote.

“I really hope this letter from Tusphani will satisfy even The most hardened racistsIt was just a derailment. (…) Such a policy is unacceptable even for The Far Right in Western Europe. This, at least for me, is the clear opposite of Victor, who hired me in November 2002 and with whom I had the pleasure of working until 2013 ”- she added.

Victor Urban He spoke of ethnic mixing in his speech on Saturday during his visit to Romania.

According to Urban, “International Radical Left It tells us that Europe is naturally inhabited by people of different races. The Hungarian Prime Minister disputes this statement.

– We have a world in it Europeans mix with people from outside Europe. Urban argued that this is a mixed-race world.

– But there is also another world, our world: where Europeans mingle with each other, move and work. for example We in the Carpathian Basin are not mixed. We are a mix of people living in their European homeland. So, I always thought – we’re ready to mingle with each other, but We don’t want to be mixed race – Orban argued, according to Reuters.

According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, countries where Europeans mix with people from outside the continent, “They are no longer nations.”

This speech topic aroused great feelings – Urban’s words were condemned, among other things Chief Rabbi of Hungary, Robert Frolich.

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