Veronica Rosati won film awards.  The actor does not want to play with her

  • Weronika Rosati understands that there are people from the film industry in Poland who do not wish her well. She said in an interview with the portal
  • The actress feels conceited and admits that she doesn’t get many interesting roles in our country
  • Rosati commented on the hashtag #MeToo, which, according to her, does not exist in Poland
  • The actress had the opportunity to act alongside Kevin Spacey, but she declined
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Veronica Rosati She is a Polish actress who lives in Los Angeles and has success in Hollywood. Played, among other things by your side Nicolas Cage In “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” or “Snowman: The Story of a Murderer”. In an interview with the portal, she said that little is said about her roles in Poland, and that she focuses mainly on private life. There are also people who are not in favor of it. She cited a situation where the lead actor did not agree to play alongside her in a production. “The director chose me, the producer also supported my candidacy, and then I got a call from him saying ‘But I can’t play this role.'” Lee. Then I found out that the actor who played the lead role in this movie said that “for personal reasons he doesn’t want me to be on set with him.”“- She said.

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Veronica Rosati: There are influential people in the film community who are not very kind to me

Wironika Rosati added that there are people in the Polish film community who wish her very much.

– She confessed.

For this reason, he mainly plays abroad. Currently, she is raising her daughter by herself and she simply has to earn a living. However, he still goes to castings in Poland.

– She said. However, she added that she feels lively and does not receive pleasant roles.

But basically, aside from ‘Manhunt’, I haven’t yet had a chance to play someone completely different from me, Weronika. Which amazes me a lot, because actors usually play the most exciting roles when they are cast out of circumstance. And I’m still excited, even though I’ve proven over the years that I can play. I would like to have a chance to play an unexpected role– she admitted.

Veronica Rosati: #MeToo does not exist in Poland

Weronika Rosati once again spoke about #MeToo, which, according to her, does not exist in Poland.

– She said.

She added that the situation is different in the United States.

“And look what it looks like in the States. For example, Woody Allen, who was so well-liked until now, doesn’t make films in the States anymore and no one from the top shelf wants to work with him” – she indicated.

The actress revealed that she can star in one movie Kevin SpaceyBut she refused on the grounds that she was accused of sexual harassment.

– She confessed.

Photo: Jaroslav Antoniak / MW Media

Veronica Rosati

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