November 30, 2022


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Vectra Decoder Tests TV Smart 4K Box EPG

Vectra Decoder Tests TV Smart 4K Box EPG

Vectra technicians on social media are asking subscribers who want to test the new version of the decoder app. Interested customers can contact the operator by e-mail. It is necessary to enter the serial number of the decoder. After that it will be possible to download a new program.

The update applies to Smart 4K Box TV set-top box. We are doing the first tests this week. Implementation, subject to successful tests, should reach customers in batches from next week informs Justyna Grzelak, Vectra PR Coordinator.

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What changes will the new program bring?

The cable network representative reveals that the Program Guide (EPG) will change. It should be clear, legible and easier to use. It will allow you to switch between days, thus using the catch-up TV function (playing programs that are already broadcast). It will also be possible to check out the TV show in the coming days. The operator intends to facilitate navigation (thanks to the possibility of selecting the thematic category in the top bar of the screen). Information about the selected production should be provided in the bottom bar of information about the program. It will be possible to enter the EPG from the main menu of the decoder.

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Decoders must be launched on TV channels. Previously, you had to check the appropriate box in the main menu. Thanks to this function, it is easy to start watching, in addition, the decoder will remember the last watched program and start playing it. For example, the “Back” button, used in the main menu, will return to the last watched TV channel. Choosing the “Back” button while watching TV will take you to the previously viewed program (repeats the last two channels).

According to the data at the beginning of this year. Vectra had more than 1.7 million customers and 4.6 million households within its network coverage. In the spring of this year. Completion of the sale of Multimedia Capital Two (includes the cable network in Pruszcz Gdański and Pogórze), which was one of the conditions for the UOKiK chief’s approval of Vectra’s takeover of Multimedia Polska two years ago. In addition, Vectra owns more than 100 percent. Shares of Evio Polska, the supply of Telewizja Światłowodowa, and the telecommunications company Elsat operating in Upper Silesia.