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Varathan, a Polish RPG a la Gothic, is still in development.  Watch how to play

Varathan, a Polish RPG a la Gothic, is still in development. Watch how to play

25 April 2022, 20:13

Varathan, a Polish RPG inspired by the Gothic series, is still under construction. There is a possibility that the title will debut in Early Access later this year. In addition, content creators regularly post videos showing how the game works.

above a year ago We wrote about the game two prawnsa Polish project designed to resemble the work of German studio Piranha Bytes – the cult series Gothic in the foreground. As it turned out, despite the fact that the creators were unable to charge the supposed amount Kickstarter (70 thousand PLN), work on the title did not stop. According to the product card in steamAnd Production will begin October 15 in Early Access.

However, it must be borne in mind that this is not an exact date. According to the site cdaction.plthe developers currently have no time limits, so two prawns It may hit the market in October or early next year.

The creators regularly publish more information about the progress of the work. The last video (below) was posted four days ago. Really Play Highlight the appearance of the city to be included in the game. At the moment, there are no residents in the “capital”, so we can only see the buildings there.

Over the past months, it has also been presented how to do this Introduces himself Fighting mechanics in two prawns. However, it deserves special attention A material that creators boast about samples of Polish dubbingAnd show more gameplay (below) by the way. On the other hand video You can compare it with the English dialogues – and by the way find out the outlines of the plot of the game.

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if you are interested two prawnsYou can add it to your Steam Wishlist. You can access the product card by clicking the button below.

frathan on steam