Vaccine delivery suspended.  The complexity of the vaccination work

– In fact, since the beginning of August, supplies of Johnson & Johnson vaccines have not been delivered to us, so for vaccination purposes, including at mobile points, we allocate the doses that we have stored in the warehouse. We are also checking the possibility of replacing it with other countries for vaccines from other manufacturers – added the head of RARS.

The representative of the African Union, Strive Masiwa, announced Thursday the suspension of the implementation of the contract with Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to supply COVID-19 vaccines to the European Union. The vaccines produced in South Africa were to be shipped to Europe.

At a press conference organized by the African Union’s Disease Control Foundation, Masiyiwa said that the doses of Johnson & Johnson preparations that have already reached the European Union will be returned. J&J has so far sent fewer than 20 million doses to Europe, and the suspension of additional deliveries is due in part to the intervention of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Such decisions do us no good, but we have dealt with more difficult situations more than once. We have a reserve of vaccines from other manufacturers that can be used in the event of increased interest in vaccination among the Poles – said the head of the State Strategic Reserves Agency, Michai Koczmirowski.

He acknowledged that the lack of supplies of Johnson & Johnson vaccines complicates vaccination campaigns in the field.

– Given that it is a single-dose vaccine, many people in Poland spontaneously decide to take it during a holiday trip, festivals or other similar events – he said.

– We are beginning to investigate the possibility of interchange with other countries for vaccines from other producers in order to obtain Johnson & Johnson vaccines for us – said the RARS President. He added that this process may take some time.

In Poland, 18 million 821 thousand were fully vaccinated, that is, with two doses of preparations from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca or with a single dose of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. 84 people – responded on Thursday to government websites. 36 million 335 thousand. 572 vaccines.

In total, 53 million 910 thousand zlotys were delivered to Poland. 230 doses of the vaccine, of which 38 million and 488 thousand doses were recorded. 580 of them.

Since December 27 last year, when vaccination against COVID-19 began in Poland, 391,290 doses have been used. 14,862 adverse reactions to the vaccine have been reported, most of them mild.

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