Vaccinations against covid-19.  Fourth dose - how effective is it?

Nature cites the study Posted on medrxiv . server. The document does not have any scientific reviews yet, it is called preprint.

Publications show that in a population where about half of people have been immunized with a previous infection or vaccination, a new one, Based on the Omikron variant, the booster dose increases protection by 90%, and the original “booster” – by 86%.

I’m talking about protection from disease. When it comes to efficacy in severe illness, the difference between the new and the old is a “booster” is one percentage point. – In favor of the new.

“The new vaccines are not super protective compared to what we could have two weeks or a month ago,” virologist John Moore of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York tells Nature.

– They might be better. But not much better, said Dean Follman, an infectious disease statistician from Bethesda, Md.

Deborah Cromer, who led the team looking for boosters, argues that the idea that vaccines should accurately reflect the changing shape of the currently circulating virus is “unrealistic” And counterproductive in a situation where Vaccines available in the market are very effective.

“The best ‘booster’ against COVID-19 is the one you can get right now,” Cromer says.

Scientists acknowledge, however, that booster vaccines based on the Omikron variant could be much more effective than “classic” vaccines if a newer variant is introduced.

It is reported that the Minister of Health Adam Nidzelsky Declare vaccination with the fourth dose for all adult Poles. But which “booster” will be used?

The head of the RMF FM Ministry of Health noted that “we still have to find out whether it is worth waiting for a vaccine against the latest BA.4 and BA.5 variants” (that is, even newer than the one verified in the study above – ed.).

– If it will be available in a relatively short time, we wonder if it’s not worth the wait. We will have this information next week. please do not worry. We will try to make decisions as soon as possible – he said on Monday.

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