USA. Record temperature in the United States. Up to 52 degrees recorded

Washington and California. Heat waves in the United States

People in the United States are facing unusually high temperatures. Residents of the western parts of the country are particularly at risk, where temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius. It is even hotter in the famous Death Valley. The US services have warned that “the heat wave is just beginning.”

A large part of the population United State is experiencing dangerous heat – according to the National Weather Service. That’s about a third of the population, or 130 million people Those living especially in Western countries, i.e. among other countries California, Oregon I Washington.

in the city Yukia north San Francisco I registered on Saturday 47 degrees CelsiusAnd on the eastern side Livermore – 43. This means breaking the record for the highest temperature in this place: 42.7 degrees, which was recorded in 1905. In Las Vegas the temperature reached 46 degrees – for this reason, among other reasons, issued for those areas warning Regarding the hot days ahead.

“The dangerous heat wave has just begun, a Temperatures are expected to peak, especially in the coming few days. – From Sunday to Wednesday,” the National Meteorological Authority reported.

Heat waves in the United States of America. “Even at night there will be no relief”

Friday in Death Valley In California – one of the hottest places on Earth – a new heat record has been broken – 52.8 pieces Even places at higher elevations, such as the lake, are under heat alert. Tahoe On the California-Nevada border. According to the forecast, “temperatures (in western Nevada and northeastern California) will not drop below 37 degrees until next week.” We read: “Even at night there will be little relief.”

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Meteorologist Jacob Ascherman, quoted by The Independent, confirms that he expects this. Historical records will be broken in many places. He said this could happen, for example, in Oregon and other cities. Eugene, Portland whether SalemHe added that in such situations, you should seek refuge in the sun, stay in an air-conditioned room and check on how your loved ones are feeling.

Because of the tragic weather, more and more people are dying, for example in Maricopa County in Arizona. They died there this year because of the temperature. At least 13 peopleMore than 160 other deaths are suspected to be linked to the severe weather.

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