Stany Zjednoczone pomogły Ukrainie dopaść rosyjskich generałów, którzy zginęli podczas inwazji na ten kraj. Amerykanie przekazali Kijowowi informacje zdobyte przez wywiad – podał "New York Times".

The United States helped Ukraine capture Russian generals who died invading the country. The New York Times reported that the Americans provided Kyiv with the information obtained by the intelligence services.

Kaliningrad war games. Russia has simulated a nuclear attack

The New York Times, citing anonymous government sources in the United States, reported that the United States provided Ukraine with intelligence on the movements of Russian units that helped the Ukrainians track down and kill Russian generals.

The Ukrainian side claims that its forces have killed 12 Russian generals since the beginning of the invasion. The New York Times revealed how this was possible.

According to the newspaper, the Russian generals were killed thanks to the support of the Americans.

US intelligence provided intelligence to Ukraine.

The newspaper’s sources say that since the beginning of the war, the goal of the Joe Biden administration has been to provide Ukraine with as much information as possible about Russian troop movements and plans.

The United States is primarily focused on the mobile Russian command center. They provide data for UkraineWith its own information and ability to eavesdrop on the Russians, it is able to launch the attack in places where the leaders of the Russian attack are likely to be.

The New York Times did not mention how many Russian generals died thanks to US intelligence.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby declined to reveal what data was being transferred, but acknowledged that the United States was sending the Ukrainians “information and intelligence that they can use to defend themselves.”

According to media reports, the US side did not participate in the weekend in eastern Ukraine Near Izyum, whose target was the Chief of the Russian General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov. He was wounded and managed to escape.

Valery Gerasimov, nicknamed the “straight-faced man”, is one of the main organizers of the process of annexation of Crimea. The Ukrainian services also believe that he was the “commander in chief” of the separatist forces during the bloody Battle of Ilugask, where the Ukrainians suffered a shameful defeat. Experts believe that Gerasimov belongs to a narrow circle of people who inform Putin about the progress made at the front in the current conflict with Ukraine.

in the blast under isium General Andrei Simonov, Chief of Staff of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Army was killed.

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