February 4, 2023


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"Zgoda na wydanie przez prezydenta rozkazu użycie sił zbrojnych nie oznacza, że USA zamierzają ich użyć na Ukrainie, ale da on Joe Bidenowi środek nacisku. Będzie też działaniem odstraszającym Rosję" - powiedział republikański kongresman Adam Kinzinger.

US Congressman: We do not plan to use the army in Ukraine, but we must be ready

“Allowing the president to order the use of military forces does not mean the United States intends to use them in Ukraine, but it would give Joe Biden a lever. It would also act as a deterrent to Russia,” Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger begins the congressional accreditation process Precision let the chief Issuing an order to use the armed forces In case Russia applied to Ukraine Weapons of mass destruction.

He confirmed in an interview with CBS that this does not mean that The United States intends to intervene militarily in Ukrainebut also feel free to talk about it.

(Resolution) does not compel the President to do so. (…]This gives him more flexibility, but also acts as a deterrent to Vladimir Putin. Lo Russian President Vladimir Putin He will want to escalate the conflict with the West, he will. It’s easy for him to do that. I think what we are doing now with (weapons) supplies, lending, leasing and financing is correct. But there may come a point where we need to acknowledge (the situation). Before World War II, there were times when no one wanted to get involved, but finally realized they had to. I hope we don’t get to that point, but if we do, we should be ready for it It is to explain.

Biden announced financial aid to Ukraine. amazing amount