Ursula von der Leyen flew away.  47 km by private plane instead of the train

The European Commission has announced that 2021 will be the year of railways. One of the elements of the revolution European Green Deal Railways should be used as a greener mode of transportation than aircraft. Unfortunately, the example in this case does not come from above.

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“There are many statements in COP26, but they obscure what is happening behind the scenes”

Ursula von der Leyen flew 47 km

Bild took a closer look at Ursula von der Leyen’s travels. The European Commission president has traveled 34 so far, but journalists focused especially on the flight from Vienna to Bratislava on June 21, 2021. The airports of the two cities only 47 in a straight line kilometers And only 19 minutes flying. Worse, the politician used a private jet.

According to Belda’s calculations, 1,130 kilograms of carbon dioxide was produced during its flight. On the other hand, train travel would have emissions close to zero and would take an hour and seven minutes. Expenses Tickets 11.20 only euro.

official speaker KE defended his boss. You will notice that the president visited seven countries in two days. On the same plane on the same day she flew to Riga. According to the spokesman, other options were considered, but for logistical reasons, they were not used. However, the question remains whether the situation is truly exceptional, as a European Commission spokesperson seems to suggest. Of the 34 business trips of von der Leyen, 18, that is, more than half of them, were made on a private plane.

The spokesperson informed that there are also concerns about the use of mass transportation due to the coronavirus.

Railways as the future of travel in Europe?

Bild also reported Ursula von der Leyen’s words from May when they appeared at the German government’s railway summit.

More than ever, we need rail as a sustainable mode of transportation to achieve our goals under the European Green Agreement

Then von der Leyen said.

This year, the German Greens showed a map of the connections RailroadIt can cover all of Europe. The map echoed widely on the Internet.

We have to do something to make our mobility, and our logistics, environmentally friendly. We will fly less in the future, we will drive less cars, and there will be no more city breaks, as we fly from Poland to Barcelona for two days with a huge environmental effort, it is simply too harmful for the climate

Speak in an interview with Next Gazeta.pl The expert, Jacob Majowski, President of the ProKolej Foundation.

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