March 27, 2023


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Urgent: On November 16, huge changes at gas stations across Poland - everything will change

Urgent: On November 16, huge changes at gas stations across Poland – everything will change

From Tuesday, November 16, there will be huge changes at gas stations in our country. Practically everything will change, so we prefer to inform you now. We’re talking about gasoline, diesel and LPG, so the changes in terms of fuel are going to be really huge. Find out what will change at Polish gas stations.

On November 16, huge changes at Polish gas stations. Practically everything will change!

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We already informed you at the end of last month that on November 16th we will be experiencing major changes at gas stations. We are talking about the introduction of new fuel for distributors. It concerns, of course, winter fuel, which you will refuel at nearby stations from tomorrow. We will remind you once again of the changes awaiting you.

From November 16 to the end of February, the CFPP temperature will not be higher than -20 ° C. Let’s remember that at the moment the dispensers contain an intermediate fuel, the temperature of which is not more than -10 ° C. So it is a significant change that is especially important for drivers of cars with a diesel engine.

Very important news for owners of petrol and diesel cars. Get ready to visit the station!

Diesel fuel refueling

From November 16, the vapor pressure of gasoline sold at the stations will have to be between 60 and 90 kPa. For those who are not familiar with the topic, we would like to remind you that gasoline with a higher vapor pressure is characterized by greater volatility, which leads to an easier start of the car at lower temperatures. We encourage you to visit gas stations in the coming days to fill up on new winter fuel.

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