Upcoming news on PS5 and PS4.  Sony is promoting the latest titles that debuted on PlayStation consoles

It’s been a long time since the PlayStation community had an intense week full of news. Thanks to the launch of PS VR2, gamers can check out a number of products that make use of the capabilities of the new glasses, while users who prefer the classic experience will get access to two games. Learn the details.

Virtual reality fans have been waiting for this day for a long time. Since the debut of PlayStation VR2, many new games have appeared on the PlayStation Store, Horizon Call of the Mountain is mainly encouraged by the British PlayStation editorial office (read our review), which is Sony’s first stand-up made specifically for the new device.

Racing fans can get acquainted with the wonderful update of Gran Turismo 7, thanks to which they will not only check out the VR mode, but also test new cars, next track or be able to confront artificial intelligence. Capcom also does not forget about the PS VR 2 premiere and invites you to the disturbing Resident Evil Village, which contains new gameplay.

If you are not interested in buying equipment for about PLN 3000, you can play 2 games from the Land of the Rising Sun – Sony promotes Like a Dragon: Ishin! and Octopath Traveler II. Square Enix boasts another solid jRPG, which was warmly received by reviewers, while SEGA has prepared a solid remake, thanks to which Western audiences will get acquainted with the story of Sakamoto Ryoma for the first time.

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