Unrecognizable Gwen Stefani: The Cosmetic Surgeon Explains

Gwen Stefani’s appearance on a late-night talk show in America caused a lot of reactions on social media due to her completely transformed face.

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Gwen Stefani, 52, was on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers Last Thursday (8 September). Posting part of the performance on Instagram this week caused a huge backlash on social networks, while some internet users struggled to identify the singer and coach. the voice.

Unrecognizable Gwen Stefani: The Cosmetic Surgeon Explains

Screenshot | Late Night with Seth Meyers

A surgeon’s opinion

Surgery, Botox or Fillers? It’s hard to say, but a surgeon commented on the situation in a lengthy video on TikTok.

Gwen Stefani has had surgery before, as pictures of her look over the years show. She definitely had breast augmentations, neuromodulators and fillers.

According to New Jersey-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Smitha, Gwen may have had an eyelid lift.

She comments on the artist’s unidentified face.

“To me it’s really a fillers pillow face look (a face full of fillers looks bloated). Basically you have so many fillers on your face that it makes your eyes look puffy, puffy cheeks, the face doesn’t move. Her brows are flat with a nice front arch. I don’t know what happened, but A lot of things are involved,” says DD Smitha.

This does not rule out the possibility that Gwen may have recently sought cosmetic surgery.

“His eyes look really tight,” he says, adding that it could take six months to a year for the surgery to show full results because the swelling can linger.

She advises Nakshatra to dissolve the fillers as they are high. They can also be made to disappear by injecting a specific substance.

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