Unofficial: US respects EU against possible Russian attack on Ukraine |  world News

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Independence march in central Warsaw. “Great Poland is our goal”

As determined by the agency unofficially BloombergWashington is vigilantly watching the concentration of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, and US officials have alerted their European Union counterparts to concerns about a possible military operation. These are the reports of people familiar with this matter. Expert judgments should be based on the information they provide United States of America It has not yet been made available to European governments.

Anti-EU slogans and a burnt German flag. This is what the independence march looked like

Russia accuses the United States of provocation. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency visited Moscow

Russia Placement is considered forces Its territory is an internal affair and it denies any hostile intentions while being accused United States of America to provocations near its territory in the Black Sea.

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Tu-22M3Russian bombers over Belarus. Moscow blames EU for migration crisis

The last movement of Russian troops and tanks pushed towards Ukraine CIA Bill Burns to visit Moscow. Its purpose was to warn the Kremlin that the United States was closely monitoring the gathering of troops near the Ukrainian border. The head of the CIA also had to find out the reason for Russia’s actions. In Moscow, Burns spoke to high-ranking security officials directly involved in military activities. Burns also had a phone conversation with the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Visit of the President of the European Council Charles Michel to PolandRussia. In the words of Prime Minister Morawiki, the Kremlin said: It is unacceptable

Bloomberg remembers it European Union Prepares new penalties for Biaosi to respond to migration crisis and threats Alyaksande from Lukashenka On the closure of the main gas pipeline that transports Russian gas to the countries of the European Community. According to Bloomberg, the movement of troops near the border with Ukraine, the migration and energy crisis may be a form of pressure from Russia to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which the United States, Ukraine and Poland oppose.

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