Unofficial: A powerful US aid package for Ukraine.  The amount is impressive

Unlike most previous packages, the new measures are designed to help Ukraine secure its defensive position in the medium to long term. The assistance thus far helped meet the most urgent needs in Kyiv and included military equipment that Washington was able to provide in such a short time.

The latest money will help fund contracts for drones, weapons, and other equipment that may not reach the front in a year or two, said officials interviewed by AP reporters. The amount may still change, but it is unlikely.

Officials said the new package is also intended to reinforce the belief that the United States intends to maintain its support for Ukraine, regardless of daily events on the front.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the United States has channeled $10.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine. Just a few days ago, the Americans announced a donation of $775 million in equipment.

In May, the US Congress decided that the total aid package for Ukraine would amount to nearly $40 billion. $20 billion was allocated for armaments. President Joe Biden signed the bill on May 21.

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