March 25, 2023


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United States of America. The oldest chicken in the world. As an egg, I attacked death

Peanut will soon celebrate her 21st birthday

As an egg, she was abandoned by her mother. Today, a chicken named Peanut holds the Guinness World Record for life. Since hatching, he has been cared for by Marcie Darwin, a retired American librarian.

Living with a babysitter in Michigan (USA), Peanut is a mixed d’Uccle and Nankin hen. From the very beginning, that is, since 2002, Marcy Darwin has been dealing with it.

abandoned egg

Before hatching, his mother gave up the peanut, leaving the nest with the remaining chicks. When Marcie saw that one egg was left in the chicken coop, she threw it into the pond. She thought the refrigerated chicken died inside the shell. Then the peanuts started to hatch and Marcy pulled them out of the water.

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Peanut’s mother refused to adopt the chick, so Peanut lived in a parrot cage at home for the first two years of her life. Later, the hen was moved to the chicken coop, where she laid eggs and raised the chickens until she was eight years old. “I’m sure she outlived her children,” says Marcy.

In recent years, Peanuts has returned to the caretaker’s home. There he shares a cage with his 15-year-old daughter, Millie. Their daily routine they sleep a lot and eat a lot. The chickens are happy watching TV with the babysitter and love being cuddled.

The record holder for a chicken

Today (March 7) Peanut turns 20 years and 310 days old. Its age was confirmed by veterinarian Dr. Julia Parker, who first saw the chicken in 2003, when it was already an “adult”.

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Marcy says the secret to her chickens’ longevity is adequate exercise and a healthy diet. The woman gives them vitamin D tablets, crushed fruits and vegetables. Also, give access to fresh water with a little apple cider vinegar.

On average, hens live from 5 to 10 years. The oldest chicken in history, Maffei (USA, 1989-2012), is 23 years 152 days old.


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