June 3, 2023


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United States of America. Bloomberg: The Pentagon is considering moving Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine

Bloomberg reported Thursday that US authorities are considering transferring Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. However, according to experts, it could take months for these vehicles to be operational.

The US administration is considering transferring Bradley Fighting Vehicles as part of an upcoming military aid package to Ukraine Bloomberg reported Thursday.

According to the portal, which cites sources familiar with the talks, the final decision on the transfer of vehicles has not yet been taken. But it has long been – along with the Abrams tanks – on the Ukrainian “wish list” when it comes to US military hardware.

American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles at the training ground near Drosko-PomorskyUS Army photo by Staff Sergeant Randis Monroe

During the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Washington, US President Joe Biden It listed tanks and armored vehicles as one of its four priorities United State Focuses on military aid to Kiev.

after pentagonal sent, among others M113 armored personnel carriers and M1117 armored fighting vehicles, and funded modernization Czech Republic T-72 tanks of Ukraine.

Training Ukrainian soldiers could take months

Mark Cancian, an expert with the CSIS think tank, told Bloomberg that the delivery of the Bradleys would be a huge boost for Ukraine, which has more firepower than the M113 and M1117 thanks to its 25mm cannons and TOW anti-tank missiles.

“Actually, they are light tanks,” he said. He added that the United States has a large number of these vehicles in its warehouses, although it may take months to adapt them for the use and training of Ukrainian soldiers.

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Main image source: US Army photo by Staff Sergeant Randis Monroe