United States of America.  A small plane crashed on a street in Illinois.  two people died

A small single-engine plane crashed on a road in Hanna, Illinois, on Saturday afternoon. There were two people on board – a man and a woman. Both died. An investigation has begun into the causes of the accident.

According to witnesses who witnessed the accident, the plane encountered problems in the air and tried to land on the road. As it descended, it crashed into several buildings and then crashed into a street off Interstate 16 in the city of Hana, about 270 miles south of Chicago.

Prior to the accident, the Mooney M20 pilot reported an engine problem, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The press release stated that “the pilot heroically maneuvered between vehicles on the road” before hitting the ground.

The plane crashed in a street in the city of Hana2022 Cable News Network All rights reserved

According to the information provided by the authorities, a woman on the plane was killed on the spot, as well as a man. It was pulled from the wreckage by rescuers. As CNN reported, he was conscious at first, but his condition “rapidly worsened”. An attempt was made to revive the man, but the man could not be saved

It was not established who was driving the plane or the cause of the crash. An investigation into the case was launched.

Main image source: 2022 Cable News Network All rights reserved

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