United States of America.  A pair of anti-vaccine YouTubers dies of COVID-19 |  News from the world

Two pair of orphan vaccines children. “Unfortunately, Dusty and Tristan are dead. Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support at this difficult time,” their daughter Windsor Graham wrote.

“I have my own passport. It’s the Constitution of the United States.”

Dusty and Tristan, known as “Alabama collectors,” were passionate about antiques. Youtubers run a popular channel where they documented traveling around the country in search of vintage items, then selling them online. In the videos, the couple not only shared their thoughts on furniture. Another article titled “We Live and Still Sell on eBay” devoted themselves to why they didn’t want to be vaccinated. They also explained why Covid passports are called “stupid” for them.

– I have my own passport. It is the bill of rights and the constitution United States of America Dusty said in the video. He added that, in his opinion, what is given to people as VaccinesThis is “technically” not a vaccine, but a “form of immunotherapy”. The Youtuber also confirmed that he actually survived a year without being vaccinated against COVID-19 and has friends who have been infected virus With children and survived them. While recording, Tristan admitted that she was a bone cancer survivor. Both later They got sick on the Corona virus. YouTubers left within a month. Dusty died on September 16, and his wife died on August 25.

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