Unfortunate game situation.  It was supposed to be a success, and it ended up in the trash

Players had high expectations of Forspoken. The game was supposed to guarantee us a great experience in a very interesting and unique world. Unfortunately, the Square Enix production completely failed to live up to expectations and turned out to be a flop. Its ratings usually fluctuate somewhere around the middle of the scale, and the number of active players is only a few hundred people.

Frustrated players kick the game

Gamers were very disappointed with the production, perhaps just as much as the publisher itself. Square Enix shut down the team responsible for producing the game, thus emphasizing in a way that it wasn’t supposed to look like this. For all this confusion, there is also the price, which amounted to … PLN 339! It is much more expensive than, for example, Hogwarts Legacy, which turned out to be a huge success.

The disappointment of society has reached such a level that the game can be found … in the trash. One of the gamers came across several copies of the game, which was supposed to be a bestseller all over the world. It’s not entirely clear if there was actually a game in the boxes, or maybe someone just threw the steel books away, but nonetheless it’s a very important comment about how Forspoken manages.

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