Undead Labs, the makers of State of Decay, has faced accusations of bullying and gender discrimination
April 2, 2022, 12:20 pm

author: Patrick Dukasz Kobeck

State of Decay 3 is still in pre-production. The reason is the internal problems of Undead Labs, which is supposed to be a bad workplace.

announce Almost two years ago state of decay 3 stuck in phase Pre-production. The cause is problems with Microsoft Undead Labs studio.

The team is said to suffer from toxic working conditions, There is supposed to be harassment of subordinates and cases of gender discrimination.

What happens in undead labs?

According to reporters from the Kotaku gaming website, the World Health Organization reveal itAnd the Status will be confirmed in Undead Labs Twelve unknown informants – Both current and former employees of the manufacturer.

Undead Labs has doubled its list since its acquisition by Microsoft, but founder Jeff Strain left the studio in 2019, one year after announcing his purchase, “leaving a real leadership vacuum.” Many members of the team at the time feared that the American giant would use the opportunity to change the studio’s internal work culture.

In fact, Microsoft’s management left Stern’s successors free, which ultimately worsened the company’s situation.

Our downfall came from within. We can use Microsoft’s help – explains a former Undead Labs employee.

Decay state 3 . development stopped

state of decay 3 It was to develop “without clear direction”. Developers are divided into small groups tasked with developing specific new features, but they lack communication and oversight among themselves. Management ignored concerns about the quality of the ingredients being produced to display “artificial progress” in the working title.

Milestones [cele, do których dąży zespół deweloperski – dop. red.] It was made up of heaps of messy jobs that were less about making a good video game and more about flagging it off the list.

Sexism in the undead labs

In addition to just gaming matters, Undead Labs had to include cases of sexism and disparagement of women. As one studio employee puts it, the female staff’s opinions – even on the basics – are “utterly disapproving” and “nobody listens to them.”

Even women in executive positions are ignored, discussed, and blamed. We had to introduce meeting etiquette because men treat women badly – quotes an Undead Labs employee, Kotaku website. – But the instructions did not help.

We recently wrote about toxic working conditions in the gaming industry in March. Then the founders of Moon Studios, the creators of the platform series, were accused of improper practices ori. You can read more about it below:

  1. Jokes about killing Jews and penis size. Mashreq makers accused of creating ‘oppressive workplaces’

Developers promise changes

Despite all the problems, many current and former employees interviewed said that they are Very positive about some aspects of working in the studio.

Major changes will be introduced in Undead Labs, which will change the criteria for personal contacts, and Produce state of decay 3 Eventually, he’ll start making real progress. At least that’s what the studio heads announced.

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