Uncharted launched into the world.  Box office results

Anonymous It debuted in 15 countries, and reached its peak $21.5 million in revenue. In each of these countries, it took first place on the box office list. This is a good result and an optimistic forecast for the next week. On February 18, the film entered Poland and many countries of the world. Then we will see if the production with a budget of 120 million dollars will be a success.

Appear for the first time in the United States in the first place Death on the Nile As a result of $12.8 million. In the world, it reaches $20.7 million from 47 countries. A total of $33.5 million on a $90 million budget. This is not the best result.

ass forever To second place with a score of 8.05 million US dollars. The total in the US market is $37.4 million. He has raised $10 million worldwide so far. Budget 10 million dollars.

romantic comedy marry me For the first time in third place with a score of 8 million dollars. In the US, this title had a hybrid premiere, so it also hit the Peacock platform. It raises a similar amount from the world, i.e. $8.5 million. Overall, the account is $16.5 million with a budget of $23 million.

hit last weekend moon fall He got a terrible blow. The drop is 71%! This time $2.8 million was raised (total $15.1 million). Only $4.8 million was raised outside of North America, and this is where the movie would sell best. The total account is $19.9 million with a budget of $140 million.

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