Ukrainian intelligence: Russia has used up to 60 percent of its stockpile of Soviet missiles since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine

Ukrainian military intelligence estimates that Russia has used 55-60% of its stockpile of Soviet missiles since the beginning of its military invasion of Ukraine. According to the devices, most of the missiles used were Iskander type.

The representative of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Vadim Skibeki, said during a briefing on Thursday that when it comes to precision weapons, that is, the Iskander and Kalibr missiles and the Ch-101 and Ch-555 maneuverable missiles, according to Ukrainian calculations, the Russian forces have already used 55-60 percent of the Stocks they had before the invasion began. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

The representative of the intelligence service added that the stocks of Soviet missiles were huge, so it is difficult to determine how many of them remained.

Russian Iskander systemforum

– These include the Ch-22 maneuverable missiles that were used during the attack on Ukraine From the territory of Belarus. These are also Smierch, Uragan, Grad missiles, various types of aerial bombs, and everything that remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union – added Skibicki. As mentioned Russia Trying to resume production of precision weapons.

According to Skepiki, Russia has so far used Iskander missiles, “which is why they were not detected during military operations in Ukraine for a long time.”

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