May 28, 2023


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Ukrainian intelligence organized an assassination attempt on Putin

According to German newspapers, the operation was carried out on Sunday, April 23, and was unsuccessful. Ukrainian intelligence services launched a UJ-22 drone and attempted to attack the new Rudnevo industrial complex in the Moscow region, which Putin allegedly visited.

A Ukrainian UJ-22 Airborn loaded with 17 kg of C-4 explosives crashed on April 23 near Moscow. The reason for the 3.5-meter fall of the aircraft could be the lack of fuel.

The organization of the attempt on Putin’s life was described on Twitter by Ukrainian activist Yuriy Romanenko, who allegedly had close ties to Kiev’s intelligence services.

“Everyone saw the news about the drone that flew to Moscow, but did not explode? So this plane was flying for a reason. Last week, our intelligence officers received information about Putin’s departure to the Rudnyo industrial region. We even managed to get a map of the park tour . “- He said.

Attack on Putin with a drone? “almost impossible”

Bild notes that it is not entirely clear whether Putin plans to visit Rodniu Park on Sunday. For security reasons, the Russian president’s trips may take place before they are officially announced.

The day before, the regime’s Tass news agency reported that Putin would arrive in Rodnyu on Thursday, April 27. According to these reports, the Russian leader will attend a meeting devoted to the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

German political scientist Sergei Somlini believes that carrying out a targeted strike on the head of the Russian state with the help of a kamikaze drone is “almost impossible”. At the same time, he stressed that the fact that such a drone could reach the place where Putin planned to stop is a slap in the face for the Russian president.

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