Ukrainian army warns of possible sabotage attacks on chemical industry facilities |  News from the world

The seventy-sixth day of the war with Russia. As the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported in the morning’s report, the most active activities were carried out in the Donetsk and Luhansk states.

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Ukraine. The General Staff does not rule out conversion in chemical plants

Ukrainian there army And repelled 15 attacks by the Russians. As the crew spokesman, Paolo Kovalchuk, said, the opponent is preparing for a storm towards Lyman and Severodonetsk, and fighting is underway for the villages of Wojewodivka, Toszkiwka and Niżno in the Luhansk region, and Kamienka in the Donetsk region. In Mariupol, the enemy with the help of artillery and aviation continues to destroy the infrastructure of the Azovstal factories. The Russians use artillery along the entire front line.

Lukashenka asked about the scenario of Poland’s attack on Belarus. “Let them try”

According to the personnel of the southern section of the front, the Russians did not take part in active operations, but only bombarded the positions of the Ukrainian army with artillery.

The Russian army from Russian lands bombed several Ukrainian villages in Sumy Oblast. As we read in the report – there is a risk of sabotage attacks on chemical industry facilities and a high risk of missile attacks on civilian and military infrastructure.

Attacks on Odessa during Charles Michel’s visit

At night, they fired missiles at Odessa on the seashore black. 7 missiles fell on the city. One person was killed and 5 injured.

Monday 9 May was one of the most intense days for Odessa since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even before noon, modern maneuverable missiles were launched from the occupied Crimea towards the city. During the day, the city was bombed by a Russian fighter.

All this happened during the short visit of the President of the European Council to Odessa Charles Michel. During one of the shootings, the politician had to flee to a shelter. Odessa has not yet indulged in more serious battles. But in recent days, the Russians have increasingly attacked civilian buildings in the city. A week ago, a teenager was martyred in a Russian bombing.

Russian Ambassador Sergei Andreev is wet with red paintSpray the ambassador with paint. Expert: Water is in the mill of Russian propaganda

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