Ukraine will not get a cent

“Under Republicans, Ukraine won’t get a cent anymore,” MAGA representative Marjorie Taylor Green says during a Donald Trump rally in Iowa, US Radio correspondent Marek Wakosky quotes on Twitter. MAGA stands for Make America Great Again, a movement started by Donald Trump. Today, supporters of this politician gather around MAGA, who hope that Donald Trump will run for president again.

Greene argues that “the only border Democrats care about is the Ukrainian one.” She assured her party that her party would protect the southern border of the United States from the flow of illegal immigrants.

Greene is known for her controversial statements. There were racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Islam themes. For example, she noted, the catastrophic fires that hit California in November 2018 were the result of an outer space laser linked to the Rothschilds. George Soros has been described as a “Nazi”.

The attitude of the Americans towards supporting Ukraine is changing

However, politicians’ statement about aid to Ukraine follows a marked trend. Another poll showed that US support for Ukraine aid declines. According to a recent study by the Wall Street Journal, 30 percent. Of those surveyed believe that the United States helps a lot, while on March 6 only they were in such a position. Requested.

The change of mood mainly affects GOP voters. 48 percent of US support for Ukraine is considered too much. Respondents compared to 6 percent. in a March poll.

The Wall Street Journal also raised a separate question about providing additional financial aid to Ukraine. 57 percent supported this option. Respondents, of whom only 35 percent. Republicans are as high as 81 percent. Democratic Party voters. The proportion of undecided voters was 45%.

Official shipments of military equipment over the past eight months so far have amounted to nearly $18 billion. When it comes to the value of the promised direct support from the Ukrainian budget so far, it is $8.5 billion.

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