Ukraine.  The actions of Russia and Vladimir Putin.  Comment from Generals Bogoslav Pasek and Roman Bolko

Putin knows that he is a war criminal, and is still desperately looking for some help – General Roman Pulko, former commander of the GROM special unit, said in the program “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. General Bogoslaw Pasek, director of the Institute for International Security and Development, in turn, stated that Putin would lose the war, but that it would take some time before that happened. He added that the Russian president himself “was not aware of the extent of the destruction of the Russian army.”

General Bogoslaw Pasek of Jagiellonian University, retired General Division, Director of the Institute for Security and International Development, and General Roman Pulko, former commander of the GROM Special Unit, discussed in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 about the course of the war in Ukraine And about the next steps by Russia.

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Putin lost this war a long time ago. I think he realizes this, because he wanders the way he took at all costs, because there is practically no turning back, including many Russians. Now also those thousands or hundreds of thousands of conscripts, who were sent without armament, without training, without equipment, to Ukraine to die, General Bulko said.

– I think Putin knows that he is a war criminal, still desperately looking for help in some way, but he has become so far removed from reality that he cannot even be judged rationally – he added.

General Bolko: Putin lost this war a long time agoTVN24

General Pasek: Putin just got lost

General Pasek, in turn, stated that “Putin will lose this war, but it will take some time to lose this war.” Most importantly, Putin stands against the wall. This bleeding is of no particular importance to him. He is able to sacrifice tens of thousands of lives with both his soldiers and the Ukrainians. He probably doesn’t know what to do, so he’s afraid of nuclear weapons, so he’s got 300,000 mobilization reserves and – as you can see – after what’s in theater (war-liberated) in Ukraine – he’s just lost – he said.

General Pasek: Putin himself was not aware of the extent of the destruction of the Russian army

General Pasek also spoke about the successive failures of the Russian army during the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

You don’t have to be a good analyst to find out that the cause of everything we see – lack of training, lack of uniform, lack of proper equipment – is corruption and drunkenness. This is the second disease, the second cancer eaten by the Russian army. Years, if not decades, contributed to this. Therefore, it is impossible to change anything in the Russian army overnight. He said I think Putin himself was unaware of the extent of the destruction of the Russian military.

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