December 5, 2022


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Ukraine - Russia.  He lives [4 lipca 2022]

Ukraine – Russia. He lives [4 lipca 2022]

Russian actions in the region Lisiczańska . Street In Ukraine’s Luhansk region, he commands as many as two important Russian generals, proving the importance of the task to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin’s distrust of junior officers, the US Institute for War Research (ISW) estimates in a new report.

The general is in charge of activities in Lyschansk and in the west Alexandre SabiN., commander of the Central Military District, commander of the Russian Air and Space Forces, General. Sergey Surovkin (He is also responsible for the Russian assembly in southern Ukraine.)

After Ukraine’s General Staff on Sunday confirmed the withdrawal of defending forces from Lysechansk, the Institute of Military Affairs believes that “Russian forces have most likely occupied the entire Luhansk region, although small wedges of Ukrainian resistance may still be present in and around Lyschansk.” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke of the occupation of the area on Sunday, 3 July.

Analysts of the American Center predicted that this would become the next direction of the Russian offensive Siwersk or more important Buckmouth And the Slaviansk Or that there will be an attack in these directions simultaneously. According to the Institute of Military Affairs, it is not clear whether the Ukrainian forces will defend in the Siwersk region, and it is likely that they will choose a stronger defense line along the E40 and Slavyansk-Bakhmut road.

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