Ukraine returns the favor to Russia.  “Chaos” in cities

Rzeczpospolita reported that increasingly effective attacks by Ukrainian drones on power plants, transformer stations and electricity grids are causing increasing problems with Russia’s electricity supply. This was felt on Monday morning by residents of three regions: Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod..

Daily reports stated that Russian local authorities warned citizens of power outages. They indicated that this was the result of “external influence” or “technological violations.” They are silent about the night attack by Ukrainian drones on power plants.

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War in Ukraine and problems in part of Russia. No water in the taps

According to RBK Moscow, reported by the Polish daily newspaper, cars equipped with loudspeakers are driving around towns and villages, from which warnings about closures come.

“Traffic lights in cities stopped working, causing traffic chaos,” he added. There are pressure problems in the water supply network, which in turn translates into a lack of water in the taps.. Refrigerators remain without electricity and temperatures are high. “The elevators in the skyscrapers are not working, and there is no way to operate the electronics,” says Rz.

The newspaper adds that the authorities of the Voronezh region are already warning citizens that the electricity shortage will not disappear in the coming days. However, they state that these are “planned” outages and not the effects of the war in Ukraine.

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