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And in an interview with Ukrainian television, the politician said that all plans of the Russian occupiers would fail.

– We can say that there was a turning point in the fighting. Serhiy Klan emphasized that we can see that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have gained an advantage in the recent surgeries. Ukrainian added army “He’s publicly moving forward. We can say we’ve gone from defense to counterattack.” The deputy added that the bombing of the main bridges in the region, as well as warehouses and Russian command points, was part of the preparations for a ground offensive.

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Weak US support for Ukraine? ask an expert

Ukrainian Army: Russian S-300 missile battery destroyed and SU-25 shot down

On Sunday, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense shot down four Russian cruise missiles fired towards the Khmelnytskyi region. According to the Air Force Command, these are Kalibr missiles launched from ships at sea black. They were shot down by surface-to-air missiles.

On the other hand, the press office of the Ukrainian Air Force reported the downing of the Russian plane airplane Su-25 assault. This was supposed to be done by the soldiers of the Siczesławska . Brigade army Airborne.

Was it not Putin who visited Tehran, but his double personality?

In the Kherson region, the Ukrainian army had to destroy the Russian battery of S-300 missiles used for shooting at Ukrainian cities. According to the Southern Operations Command, the battery was destroyed by artillery fire near Zelenotropinskie. As emphasized, this was in response to the Russian bombing of Mariupol. Videos of burning equipment appeared on social networks.

The Russians are trying to get a power plant

Russian troops, despite the losses incurred, are trying to capture the Wuhłehir Power Plant near Bakhmut (Donetsk Oblast). This was announced by the spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Stubun.

He stressed that the aggressors are trying to advance on several sections of the front, but the situation has not changed. In the Bakhmut region, the Russians fired at Ukrainian positions near the villages of Berestowe, Biłohorivka, new Kamianka, Pokrowske, Weseła Dołyna, Zajcewo, and Otrawne. They also carried out air raids. – Attempts to improve the tactical position in the directions of Volodymyrivka-Bachmutsk and Dolomytne-Nowoluhanskie ended in significant losses to the enemy and retreat – said Stukun. He added that the Russians were firing at several locations in the Kharkiv, Kramatorka, Soyanska and Avdiivka regions.

Annalena Baerbock - Image captionGerman Foreign Minister: We do not mislead Poland about tanks

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