Ukraine.  Nearly $30 million is illegally exported across the border with Hungary.  Check the Security Service of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) reported Thursday that nearly $30 million was illegally exported through the border crossing with Hungary. According to the officers, the money was packed into bags and transported at once. An investigation is underway in this case. The Ukrainian newspaper Pravda – citing its sources – reported that the person who transferred the money was the wife of a Ukrainian deputy.

security service Ukraine The State Security Administration announced Thursday the opening of an investigation against customs officials who allowed the illegal export of more than 28 million dollars and more than one million euros in cash.

The money was packed in bags and immediately transported through the Luganka-Peregsurani border crossing with Hungary In the Zakarpattia region, the SBU was informed.

Media: the money was supposed to be transferred by the wife of a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada

The money was to be transferred through the “green corridor”, that is, without the need for a permit, although in this way only the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars could be taken from Ukraine.

According to the source of the Ukrainian website Pravda, the person who transferred the money was the wife of the deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Ihor Kotowiki from the Popular Front.

The SBU conducts activities aimed at identifying all persons involved in the illegal export. Among other things, inspections are carried out at the officers’ accommodation.

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