Ukraine.  Kiev.  Preparations to hide civilians from bombing – media reports

In light of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kiev is preparing for the situation if it becomes necessary to hide civilians from bombing, Soboda Radio reported on Tuesday. Access to shelters and so-called dual-use facilities must be ensured. The readiness of the city’s alarm system is checked.

As Radio Swoboda writes on its website, there are 500 shelters and more than six thousand dual-purpose places in Kiev where you can hide if necessary. Some of these places are located in the basements of apartment buildings. Journalists explained that some of them have become private property and may include, for example, a tattoo shop or a tattoo parlour.

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“In many of the dual-purpose facilities in the basement there are shops, hair salons, banks, etc. We inform district administrations that if there is an ‘alert for all’ signal, that is, when the sirens go off in the city, the doors are open,” said Roman Tkachuk, director of the department. Security in the Kiev city administration, the portal quoted Roman Tkachuk, “will open its doors in such places and will guarantee access to the residents of our city.”

Alarm system tests in Kiev

As Swoboda Radio assures, you can also hide in underground corridors, in underground parking lots, and in the subway.

Currently, most of the hiding places are closed so that unauthorized people cannot unnecessarily access them and they are not contaminated. In the event of an emergency, the authorities ensure that all shelters are provided to residents within 15 minutes.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers near KievPAP / EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO

Radio Soboda announced that the readiness of the city’s alarm system would be checked, and the authorities announced that they would provide notification of a planned siren test.

A map of the nearest caches has been provided online

The Ukrainian army, Vyacheslav Skuryak, a former participant in military operations in eastern Ukraine, added that there is a danger of bombing Kiev, although neither the air force nor the army usually intentionally destroy residential neighborhoods, but attack points of armed resistance or vital infrastructure. in the first place.

Svoboda Radio reported that the facilities where civilians could hide had begun to be prepared at the beginning of the Russian aggression in the Crimea and Donbass in 2014. “Since then, these rooms have been regularly inspected,” the portal wrote.

Kiev authorities have published a map online where you can check the nearest hiding place in case of emergency.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO

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