Ukraine is defending itself against Russia.  Zelensky refers to a basic mission

Our humanitarian aid column is two hours away. From Mariupol, it is only 80 km away. We are doing everything we can to break the resistance of the occupiers, who are obstructing even the clergy of the Orthodox Church who carry this aid: food, water, medicine – said the president.

Zelensky noted that Ukraine has already sent its citizens 100 tons of the most necessary things, and nearly 125,000 people have been transported to safe areas through humanitarian corridors.

He confirmed that nearly 13,000 people were killed during the 18 days of the war. Russian soldiers – “This is more than in both Chechen wars, and Russia lost thousands of military equipment.”

– We know they have more of it (equipment), but we will continue to defend ourselves. Ukraine does not surrender, does not surrender to the army, the nation does not surrender. He said that Ukraine is fighting heroically, expressing confidence that Ukraine will win.

Ukrainian cities caught fire

On Saturday evening, the Russian armed forces intensified their bombing of Ukrainian cities. You hear the sirens in Kyiv. Individual buildings are burning in the northern part of the city. In Chernihiv, missiles destroyed the Ukraine Hotel during the night.

The Ukrainian State Emergency Service reported that the cities of Severodonetsk and Rubezny in the Luhansk region were heavily bombed. Over 60 buildings – single-family homes and apartment complexes – were damaged or destroyed.

After 2 sirens sounded local time (3 am in Poland) in most Ukrainian cities. “An anti-aircraft alert has been announced in Kyiv! We ask everyone to go to the shelters of the civil defense,” the city administration announced via Telegram. The alert was also announced in Lviv, where thousands of refugees found shelter, and in Poltava in the central part of Ukraine.

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