Ukraina chce aresztowania rosyjskiego statku wyładowanego kradzionym zbożem (fot. Shuterstock); zdjęcie ilustracyjne

Ukraine asked Turkey to arrest a transport ship carrying the Russian flag. The ship was carrying Ukrainian grain from the Russian-occupied port of Berdyansk.

Russia sends stolen wheat from Ukraine to Syria

Russia has sent to its ally in Syria about 100,000 tons of wheat stolen from Ukraine since the invasion of the country, announced…

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Report: The war in Ukraine

The ship “Zebek Zuli” is anchored in the Turkish port of Karas in the Black Sea. “I am convinced that the Turkish actions will prevent any attempts to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine.” – The Ambassador of Ukraine in Ankara Vasyl Bodnar informed.

The Ukrainian side had earlier accused Turkey of buying Ukrainian grain seized by the Russians. Ankara representatives confirmed this He will investigate reports of the arrival of Ukrainian agricultural products to the shores of the Black Sea.

The US State Department in early June revealed evidence of the theft of grain, mostly wheat, by Russian forces. According to Ukraine’s Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotsky, citing the New York Times, In addition to 500 thousand. A ton of wheat worth $100 million, Russian soldiers also stole agricultural machinery worth $15-20 million.

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