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Sean O’Malley And the Peter Yang They had an incredibly exciting duel with each other at today’s party UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi. After three rounds of work on each plane, the American hand rose. O’Malley defeated the former Bantamweight Champion via split decision. But the judges’ ruling sparked a lot of controversy.

Yan started the fight with powerful kicks on the opponent’s outer leg. The Russians applied pressure, forcing Sean to actively move around the octagon. Both gentlemen led the skirmishes at a leisurely pace. The former champion was constantly advancing, taking advantage of his kicks. O’Malley worked with boxing techniques. Halfway through the round, Yan started fetching, but this attempt only ended with a snatch under the net. The American quickly broke free and fled to the middle of the octagon. He attacked O’Malley with direct blows, trying to push Yan away. Peter jumped to his opponent and this time showed an amazing throw. Shun was forced to fight and Yan settled at the top. O’Malley manages to escape to the collar and confront the Russians with a meticulous group. In the last seconds, Sean searches for a kidnapping and tying behind the back.

At the beginning of the second release, the Russian hit the body with a powerful kick. Then O’Malley threw a series of brilliant punches while standing, Peter was pushed into the defensive, and the American was looking for the knockout punch. However, Yan managed to respond with a blow to his jaw, after which the American staggered to his feet. The work moved to the ground floor, and “No Mercy” took the position from above. Both gentlemen finally returned to the standing collar. After one hit, Shawn landed on the boards, but quickly got back on his feet. The pace of this duel was very high, and the players constantly exchanged shots. O’Malley was locked under the net, and there was no sign of Peter’s problems at the start of the tour. In the last minute of the second batch, he brought Yan O’Malley to the ground floor.

O’Malley worked straight punches in the first seconds of the next round. Sean successfully started the last part of this battle, and was successfully attacking and scoring Peter. Yan eventually shortened the distance, but failed to beat his opponent. O’Malley went on the attack, hit a big knee, cutting the Russian’s face off. Yan took up the gauntlet and set out to open trade with the American. O’Malley emerged victorious, and Peter had to save himself by grabbing and overthrowing him. The contestants finally broke their grip and rose to the standing collar. Shun was looking for an end, and Yan didn’t intend to exchange blows with his opponent anymore. O’Malley escaped from the ground floor and continued to break up the bloodied Russian. Fifteen seconds before the end of this exciting battle, Yan O’Malley’s got down. Yan and O’Malley had a big fight, after which the judges split. In the end, the American hand rose.

61.2 kg: Sean O’Malley Petra Yana field via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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