UEFA Champions League: To Save Tin Lossen.  Orlen Wisła is better than the Danish champion

Handball players Orlen Wisła Płock won their second Champions League victory of the year. The Polish runner-up defeated the Danish champion GOG 31:27 in front of his home crowd. Oilers Champion Ten Losin.

Paweł Nowakowski

Fig Lucin

PAP / Szymon Łabiński / Pictured: Tin Lucin

The Polish runner-up did not play well. Oilers’ defense did not work properly, and the Danes did not miss such opportunities. What’s more – after ten minutes, GOG goalkeeper Tobias Thulin received five successful tackles. After a slow start, Orlen Wisła Płock quickly recovered. Xavier Sabati’s players focused on the advanced defense, which the guests faced serious problems.

The game was well conducted by Dmitriy Zytnikov, in addition, some balls were saved by Christian Bilibovich and the results did not have to wait long. From 2:5, the Oilers scored five goals in a row. When the GOG coach saw his team’s impotence, he asked for time.

The lead dampened the vigilance of Viswa, who unnecessarily extended a helping hand to her opponent. Some minor losses in the attack could not have been avoided, and GOG decided the fate of the competition in no time. Time has shown that it was, however, a temporary crisis for the Oilers. The defensive match of the Polish runner-up caused a lot of trouble for the Danish team. GOG took a lot of losses in the center attack, and Wisla played it. Xavier Sabate players scored three goals on their way to the dressing room.

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In the second part, Wiswa maintained the lead. The decoration of the match was the beautiful work of duo Przemyslaw Kragowski – Michel Daszyk. The second of them finished the “throw-in” by raising it to 22:18 in the 40th minute of the match. The Danes had an astonishing number of their mistakes – less than a quarter of an hour before the end they made up to 12 years. Competition.

Goalkeeper Tobias Thulin scored for GOG and Wisła’s advantage was reduced to just two goals (27:25) five minutes from the end. The Danes had a chance for a touch hit, but a Jerry Tollbring penalty was saved by Pilipović, who saved another 7-meter throw – this time by Emil Madsen.

However, the oil workers that day had a well-behaved day Tin Loesen, who sowed panic in the Danish team’s defense. The last parts belong to the Vistula River and the second victory of the Bucs in this year’s Champions League was a reality.

This is the seventh consecutive match without losing the Oilers in the European Cups in front of their fans (6 wins and a draw). Orlen Wisła Płock handball players will play another game in this competition. On Thursday, October 6th, the contender will be German champion SC Magdeburg with Piotr Chrapkowski in the line-up.

Orlen Wisła Pock – GOG 31:27 (17:14)

Orlen Wisła Pock: Belibovich (8/34 – 23%) – Lusin 7, Zhytnikov 4, Kosorotov 4, Pirosh 4, Perez Ars 3, Serdio 3, Kragowski 2, Mihich 1, Sarmiento 1, Sosnia 1, Daszyk 1, Yasuhira, Terzec, Jastrzobski.
criminal: 4/5.
Penalties: 12 minutes (4 minutes. Krajewski, 2 minutes. Lucin, Piroch, Susnja, Kosorotov).

Gog: Thulin (16/45 – 35%), Dorgelo – Pytlick 6, Tollbring 6, Olsen 5, Ramussen 4, Madsen 3, Jorgensen 2, Zachariassen 1, Pedersen, Jakobsen, Cehte, Clausen.
criminal: 1/3.
Penalties: 8 minutes (4 minutes. Cehte, 2 minutes. Pytlick, Jakobsen).

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UEFA Champions League, Group A

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