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Ubisoft Plus is free for a month for all players [Aktualizacja]

Ubisoft Plus is free for a month for all players [Aktualizacja]

September 10, 2022, 20:45

author: Hubert “Hxx0” ledziewski

Ubisoft will probably bring a real gift for fans for tomorrow’s Ubisoft Forward Show. All players should have the opportunity to take advantage of a free monthly trial period for Ubisoft+.


According to headquarters, the information on the topic was officially announced during the “pre-show” of the Ubisoft Forward Show 1 month free trial of Ubisoft + For PC, Google Stadii and GeForce Now. Details can be found below.

original message

How they reported Industry news, tomorrow’s Ubisoft Forward Show will be packed with announcements of several new games – in particular Assassin’s Creed series, but not only. However, it seems that this is not the only surprise that this French company is preparing for its fans. It might be next A gift in the form of a one-month free trial of Ubisoft+ for PC, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now.

Probably, because even though this information appears in the Ubisoft profile on FacebookIt was removed fairly quickly. It can be assumed that the Polish branch of the company was a little rushed to reveal this surprise.

Mail he acted However, on the web (below). It appears that there will be a free trial period for Ubisoft + Designed for all players – Regardless of whether they have used the subscription before or not. The only exception is those who currently have a subscription.

All Ubisoft games for free for a month;  View Ubisoft Plus [Aktualizacja] Illustration #1

Source: Facebook / Ubisoft / lowcygier.pl.

Must have free access to Ubisoft + . Service Offered from September 10 to October 10. Apparently, it can only be used during this period – that is, activating the trial period, for example on October 9, will not allow you to play titles from the Ubisoft stable until November 9, but only for one day (it is likely that this will allow you to change the date Official announcement of the information).

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What can I play on Ubisoft+? The entire production catalog of the French company, which includes chains such as, among others Doctrine killerAnd the far cryAnd the watch dogsAnd the I if sedentary (And all their DLC). Most people will surely be tempted by the latest games from the Ubisoft collection – this is it Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla (Also available on PS Plus Extra / Premium), Far Cry 6And the Watch Dogs: Legion if Immortals: Phoenix Rise (Also available on PC / Xbox Game Pass subscription). You can find a complete list of them over here.