U Sowa talked about billing.  At Campus Trzaskowski, he will talk to Leszczyna about the economy

Campus Rafał Trzaskowski has already revealed that guests will include, among others, Barbara Cordage Demon, who will talk about dealing with hate, even though she hated the border guards themselves. Regulators are now revealing that Maciej Wittocky, a former member of the LOT’s supervisory board, will talk about “re-stimulating development” of the Polish economy.

The guest known by

Witucki was one of the protagonists of the 2013 filings about VAT fraud, made available by the tvp.info portal. Former LOT Supervisory Board member participated in the conversation in which – apart from him – you can hear Jacek Protasiewicz (then deputy from PO), Tomasz Misiak (businessman, former senator from PO), Pawe Gras (MP deputy from PO, government spokesman) .

At that time, the famous words of Gras were uttered: “The production of medicines is not profitable at all, only value-added tax”, which Witucki admitted: – Better invoice production.

The case was investigated by the Value Added Tax Commission established in 2018, which determined the validity and The legality of the procedures and the occurrence of negligence or negligence by the authorities and public institutions in ensuring the revenues of the state treasury Goods and Services Tax and Excise Tax from December 2007 to November 2015 He called his final report to be brought before the State Court, inter alia, with the following: former Prime Ministers Donald Tusk and Ewa Kobach from the PO Box.

Expert and host

The conversation on the Polish economy will be led by Representative Isabella Liszkina. The politician is known, among others, from a statement that inflation can be reduced with the help of “free courts” It is an incredibly attractive housing program, which, she assured, the platform will reveal immediately after winning the election.

She also claimed that it was the PO-PSL government that “did everything so that we could give up Russian gas”. However, he did not take into account the signing by this government of an agreement with Russia for the supply of gas until 2037 and its transportation until 2045.

Source: niezalezna.pl

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