Two comets hit the sun simultaneously.  There is a recording!

Soho probe It has been monitoring solar activity on a daily basis since 1996. This time it caught two small comets flying close to our star. We couldn’t see them with the naked eye, but we can in the movie. This is a very interesting phenomenon, but it actually looks a little different than we think.

Looks like Comets hit today’s star. Meanwhile, these bodies flew close to the star and, coming into contact with the hot photosphere, literally evaporated before hitting the surface of the Sun. Objects of this type are calledComets wash the sunThey belong to the Kreutz group.

Several hundred years ago, a huge comet flew across the sun and split into pieces, forming a whole group of comets moving along the same path. The Germans discovered this phenomenon in the nineteenth century The astronomer Heinrich Kreutz. This group includes the most amazing comets in the Earth’s sky that could be admired among others two centuries ago. Among others, the Great March Comet of 1843 and the Great September Comet of 1882.

The object that you can see in the video above belongs to this group. This event happened last week. NASA astronomers explain that comets suffered an astonishing death in the solar photosphere, flying through it at an astonishing speed until 2 million kilometers per hour. The Soho probe, owned by NASA, has recorded more than 5,000 such phenomena throughout its history.

Comets from the Kreutz cluster make up 90 percent of all comets recorded by the Soho probe. Thousands of SOHO comets observed allow us to expand our knowledge of these objects and the processes that occur on them, which in turn translates into valuable information about History of the formation of the solar system.

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