Twitter profiles exposed.  Mask declassified a case that could affect the US presidential election

Journalist Matt Tibi posted on his profile on the platform a series of posts explaining the whole procedure of selectivity in terms of what Twitter users can see. By his account, the content was influenced by Democrats and Republicans, but the lobbying power depended on the connections Joe Biden’s colleagues were supposed to have in the party. This means that the platform administrators exchanged sentences from the “Biden team”, which consisted of checking the indicated entries.

The shocking case occurred just weeks before the US elections. That’s when the New York Post published an article about Hunter Biden’s laptop. The text may harm the current President of the United States in a clash with Donald Trump. Twitter employees eventually decided to censor the material and mark it as hacked — without any evidence. Then the main decision was made by the then head of the legal department, Vijaya Jade, who was fired after Musk took over Twitter.

Matt Tibi writes in his entries that the thread presented is only the first part of the “Twitter Files”. Soon we can look forward to more shocking facts.

What was the censored text about?

The article, published October 14, 2020, describes data that NYPD journalists were able to glean from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Information on the device’s hard drive revealed his correspondence with Ukrainian businessman Vadym Pozharsky. It’s an email from April 17, 2015, thanking the son of the current President of the United States for the opportunity to meet Joe Biden. The news was delivered about a year after Hunter joined the board of directors of the Cypriot company Burisma, which is developing natural gas fields in Ukraine.

Additionally, correspondence between the men on May 12, 2014 shows Pożarski asking Hunetr Biden how he could use his political influence to help the company. In response, the younger Biden asked for details about who was threatening the company and who, according to the Ukrainian businessman, could solve the problem. On the same day, Hunter was announced as the head of Burisma’s legal unit.

“In addition to denying that he spoke to Hunter Biden about his business dealings abroad, Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any conflicts of interest or wrongdoing on the part of either of them related to Burisma.”

– NYP journalists noted.


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