Tusk announced what he would do after winning the election: he would be like South Africa after the fall of apartheid

Donald Tusk never ceases to amaze. During a meeting with Lublin residents, he announced a “preliminary reconciliation” with political opponents. In any case, the premise for it is to be “an unconditional settlement as happened in South Africa after the fall of apartheid”.

PO Program for Entrepreneurs. Tusk revealed the details [WIDEO]

At the meeting in Lublin, Donald Tusk asserted that businessmen would immediately feel relieved if they could “get rid of this government”. When asked for details…

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Tusk argued that Labor “loses where extremism and radicalism prevail”.

– I will do my best to ensure that a preliminary reconciliation takes place in Poland as soon as possible. On the same principle as in South Africa after the fall of apartheid – he said during the meeting in Lublin.

What is apartheid?

The PWN encyclopedia defines apartheid as “a social and political doctrine that was implemented in the Union of South Africa (South Africa) in the years 1948-1994”. This doctrine was the basis of white minority politics and was based on racial segregation and discrimination against blacks, people of color, and Asians.

Since 1989, the process of the collapse of this system began, and the first black president was elected in general parliamentary elections in 1994. Nelson R. Mandela.

Almost thirty years after the peaceful revolution, the situation in South Africa is increasingly being called “reverse apartheid”.

An example of this is racism against white farmers. According to various data, from 3,000 to as many as 70,000 people have been killed since 1994. White landlords.

“The elderly farmers who run their farms on their own are most at risk of attacks. (…]During the 25 years of rule of the African National Congress (ACN), the standard of living of individual social groups has not changed much.” The quality of life for whites is first class, while those living Most of the people in the country are at the level of the third world. These are the blacks, Ronald Lamola, advisor to the president, explained. This was confirmed by the World Bank, stressing that South Africa is the country with the greatest social inequality, with more than half of the population living on the brink of poverty. Described “Tygodnik TVP” in 2018.

When the ANC came to power in 1994, it promised a land reform that would return land to its former black owners, dispossessed of it by the white minority that dominated South African politics and economics until 1994, without destroying agriculture. African property rights in the constitution and promised that the only way to take land from whites was to sell it voluntarily.The slow pace of land reform meant that, a quarter of a century after the fall of apartheid, not even a tenth of the country’s arable land had passed into the hands of black owners, and the owners remained farmers Of whites and the state, “reconciliation” of traveler and writer Wojciech Jagielski is described at money.pl.

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