“True Nature”: 37 guests, a new room and a trailer

Editor and producer Jean-Philippe Dion is eager to share the events he met with 37 people for the fourth season of his show. The true nature, Its distribution will start after the first category Star Academy, Sunday, January 16, on TVA.

Jean-Philippe invited all these beautiful people to his new room in Sutton, in the eastern township. The most moving secrets from guests The torn shed has been replaced by a workshop. In this new enchanting setting, there is also a large forest, a river – we need one! – As well as a “pictorial cabin” with a piano and a wood stove installed, which we described on Tuesday, we also share the trailer for the new season in a press release.

Courtesy Photo / Bertrand Exterior

Courtesy Photo / Bertrand Exterior

We find fun, touching and real moments, which is definitely the strength of this show.

Courtesy Photo / Bertrand Exterior

For the premiere on January 16, Karen Vanasse, Simon Bouveris and Monique Jerome-Forget come into the room with the baggage of their unique experiences.

Other guests of the season with 12 Sunday meetings include Patrice Bélanger, Brigitte Boisjoli, Sam Breton, Sophie Cadieux, Sylvain Cossette, 2Frères, Elisapie, Chantal Fontaine, Ron Fournier, David Goudreult, Guylaine Guyo, Charles, Marillo, Patrick Norman, Laurent Paquin, Remy-Pierre Bouquin, Andre Robitail, Jonathan Roy, Frances Royal, Kim Rusk, Luke Senoy, Natalie Smart, Danny Saint-Pierre, Saskia Thuot, Dany Jecilla, Dany Jecilla Philippe Wauthier.

Note that the theme song for this season is called I believe you, Composed by Rosalie Ayot, who participated in the latest edition of Star Academy. The piece, produced and organized by Alex McMahon, will be available on listening sites on January 7th.

Courtesy Photo / Bertrand Exterior

The true nature Produced by Déferlantes in association with Quebecor Content, the series is directed by Chloë Mercier and Marie-Josée Lévesque.

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